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About Umall Ink Int’l

Umall Ink Int’l is a professional development of digital ink jet printing company, the main research and development of Eco solvent ink, UV curable ink and textile ink. Umall Ink Int’l is the first environment friendly ink promoters in China. Make "environmental protection is the future" as the concept, research and develop a variety of environmental friendly ink. It’s Unigreen ink, UVINK curable ink, LIVECOLOR textile ink have passed ROHS, REACH, SGS environmental certification. Umall Ink Int’l has more than ten years in the field of digital jet printing of the top technical staff, master the core technology; master solvent, UV and digital textile ink mature production formula. Umall Ink Int’l pays attention to the market constantly, develop of new ink according to market trends and customer demand. Umall Ink Int’l has a lofty goal: to allow more companies to use environmental friendly ink, to make China's environmental protection ink match the world's environmental protection ink technical standards.

Foreign trade business elite

Recruitment: many
Education: college degree or above
Work experience: 1-3 years
The basic monthly salary: 2500-8000 yuan, negotiable


1, responsible for product sales; new customer mining, communication. The company operating supplies, consumables, customers return a single month.
2, complete the departmental sales targets according to the marketing plan; performance oriented, performance is the dignity of sales.
3, open up new markets, develop new customers, increase the scope of product sales;
4, management and maintenance of customer relationship and long-term strategic cooperation plan.


1, college degree or above in marketing or other related professional English, fluent English.
2, 1-3 years working experience in sales, outstanding performance is preferred; market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service consciousness;
3, thinking, quick reaction, can find a solution to the problems.
4, expression ability, strong communication skills , with the affinity;
5, has the sense of responsibility, can work under high pressure;
6, have team spirit, like challenging.
7, fluent in Portuguese or Spanish or Russian.
8, driver license preferred.
We are family


1, no basic salary 2500-8000 yuan(can be discussed) + commission 1-3% (not cap) + bonus + accommodation + Social Security + year-end bonus + opportunity to go abroad + training and other benefits, annual salary of up to 150 -500 thousand yuan.
2, company platform: the company has opened Alibaba foreign trade platform in 2008, there will be one or two international advertising industry exhibition every year, there are other resources such as customs data.
3, professional marketing team support.
4, results worldwide. Advertising printing supplies, clothing fabric printing, a variety of personalized printing, consumables, market potential, into the industry, fight hard.

Foreign trade merchandiser

Recruitment: 1
Education: college degree or above
Work experience: 1-3 years
Monthly salary: about 2500-4000 yuan(can be discussed)


1, follow up the sales orders and production work, orders, production follow up, shipping matters.
2, prepare the packing list, invoice and so on.
3, arrange shipment and car, fill in the express delivery and so on.
4, send the shipped document mail to the customer in English, reply to the customer a simple list, production, delivery details.
5, send greetings mail to customers, check mail, and collect results.


1, international trade, business English, marketing related majors preferred.
2, CET 4, fluent in reading and writing, listening and speaking English is not required. Good mandarin.
3, can use EXCEL, WORD, computer operating system skillfully.
4, one year or above documentary or clerical work experience.
5, strong communication ability, can easily handle the order matters, business, finance, procurement, production and communication between other departments. Good team work spirit.
6, a strong sense of responsibility, initiative, responsible and well done positions within the work .
7, careful, meticulous, rigorous and methodical.
8, honest and reliable.
9, female preferred.

Social benefits:

1 every Friday and a half days working, eight hours.
2 company package accommodation, with double world, a separate kitchen, dormitory environment elegant, fresh air, WIFI wireless Internet access.
3 the company has a fund for staff activities.
4 company has a gym, we have fitness habits.
5 trial expired, signed a formal labor contract, enjoy a full range of security, buy social security.
6 enjoy a variety of national holidays in accordance with the law, and the company's internal recreational activities, the probation period, signed a formal labor contract, enjoy a full range of protection.
7 corporate activities: the company attaches great importance to the promotion of corporate culture, has a variety of amateur activities monthly, as well as the various departments of the organization of the team activities. Enrich the lives of employees, enhance the cohesion of employees and company.
Team menber

Contact: Miss Zhang 18797813857, 0769-82599898

Website: www.umallink.com

Location: Building C, Jieying Industrial Park, Road Bihu 7, Fenggang, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

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