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Umall Ink International Co.
Umall Ink International Co. is a group company, it has subsidiary include: Dongguan UVINK Digital Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen UVINK inkjet printing technology Co. Ltd., and UVINK tech co., limited in Hongkong; It’s brands include:  “UVINK”,  “Unigreen”, “Livecolor”. Our “Unigreen” eco solvent ink and mild solvent ink for Industrial print heads products did not sell under the name of any other brands and other company.
Recently, we received many customer’s feedback, there is other company that use our name or name of subsidiary to sell products and indicates its customers to complaint to us about their problem products.
Hereby Umall Ink Int’l solemnly declare Solemnly, Umall Ink INT’l doesn’t have any commercial relationship with any other company except we declared here. This is a serious violation of the reputation of Umall Ink Int’l, and we are warning that this action should be put to an end. Umall Ink INT’l have investigated the matter and obtained evidence. If the infringing party does not stop this action and come forward to clarify it, we will appeal to the law, to protect our reputation.
Hereby declare.





UVINK tech co., limited

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Umall Ink International Co. declare